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Make a Charsfield Village Hall Reservation - after completing the form, (red boxes are mandatory), you will receive an e-mail
immediately which will prove your request has been sent. We will then contact you by e-mail. If you are unable to use this form
please text or phone us using the number provided on Diary Page.

(Note that this form does not price the hire for you. Please refer to the price list.)

Village Hall Reservation Form - as much information as possible please

Name of Hirer:              (mandatory)

Address of Hirer:         (mandatory)

Postcode of Hirer:       (mandatory)

Mobile phone:             (please supply a mobile phone number to allow us to text you) (mandatory)


Email Address:             (mandatory)


Extension to existing booking?         If yes existing booking number: 

Facility Required:      (mandatory)

First Date Required: (mandatory)

Start Time Required: o'clock or (mandatory)

Duration:                    (note that hours 4 and 5 are no extra charge.)(mandatory)

Multiple weeks?         If yes how many weeks running from first date

Other details of Hire (e.g. licenced bar, stage alteration, stage lights, other dates):