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Make a Charsfield Village Hall Reservation - (you will be contacted to confirm details)

(Note that this form does not price the hire for you. Please refer to the price list.)

Village Hall Reservation Form - as much information as possible please

Name of Hirer:              (mandatory)

Address of Hirer:         (mandatory)

Postcode of Hirer:       (mandatory)

Mobile phone:             (please supply a mobile phone number to allow us to text you) (mandatory)


Email Address:             (mandatory)


Extension to existing booking?         If yes existing booking number: 

Facility Required:      (mandatory)

First Date Required: (mandatory)

Start Time Required: and (mandatory)

Duration:                    (note that hours 4 and 5 are no extra charge.)(mandatory)

Multiple weeks?         If yes how many weeks running from first date

Other details of Hire (e.g. licenced bar, stage alteration, stage lights, other dates):